a mask operation for teachers to share their exasperation

The place is symbolic: in front of the Academic Inspectorate in Bar-le-Duc. The operation carried out by the SE-Unsa union is just as important: it is aimed at the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. All these masks which were hung on a grid of the administrative city this Saturday afternoon, testify to a great exasperation on the part of the teachers.

What do we read? “I want to teach, not control”, “Blanquer let us teach”, “School of trust, ministry of inconsistency”…

Ministerial communication in the viewfinder

“This operation stems from the day of January 13,” explains Delphine Lerat, departmental secretary of the trade union organization. “In the department, due to the health situation, we had not called for a demonstration or a rally, because it was not secure. We suggested that our colleagues express their exasperation with this action. They had a good week to send in a Covid protective mask (or a photo) with the free choice of scribbling whatever message they wanted on it.

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The idea behind it is to target the minister’s mode of communication, illustrated by the protocol to be applied after the Christmas holidays with “inaccessible proposals”.

“Too much is too much”: an expressed dissatisfaction

“There is a lack of consideration,” laments the representative of SE-Unsa. If ministerial management is criticized today, “it is not linked to the Covid”, she warns, “it has only delayed the moment when it explodes, because teachers are professionals who think about the good -be of their students and that they ignored everything, but there, enough is enough! “She evokes these decisions taken without the first concerned having been informed, which could have put them in difficulty vis-à-vis the parents who questioned them, or of which they did not know how they were going to be able to do to implement them. . “There is still a need for organization…”

Equipment: the expected masks, the self-tests requested

This mask operation also gave the opportunity to demand protective equipment for all working staff. Surgical masks should be provided, FFP2s to those who request them and first of all those who are in front of unmasked children. Another claim: the provision of self-tests. “If you want them, you have to buy them. “This request contributes to the desire to keep schools open “which can be understood. »

Assessments and examinations: outstanding questions

About exams, postponement of CP assessments does not satisfy. “We would like them not to be compulsory. »

For the baccalaureate specialty exams to postpone them to June, when there will already be the big oral, “it’s putting the final year teachers in difficulty” and it is hoped that it will be earlier if not in continuous control. In the professional path, the complication of carrying out internships in companies “requires reflection”.

Recruitment: “A lack of attractiveness”

The last problem raised, and not the least, is the question of recruitment despite the announcements made by Prime Minister Jean Castex. “We suffer both from the lack of attractiveness of the Meuse and of the profession”, points out Delphine Lerat. Use contractors to make up for the lack of replacements? There are fewer applicants than positions. And we have already appealed to candidates who were on the waiting list for the competition. The pool for additional recruitment is shrinking.

The same concern can be guessed with regard to administrative aids, which risk being insufficient in number.

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