a man victim of a knife attack responds and plunges his attacker into a coma

30-year-old man turned on attacker, armed with knife, punched several times, reports The Parisian.

The facts took place on Wednesday 19 February in Louvres (Val d'Oise).
The facts took place on Wednesday 19 February in Louvres (Val d’Oise). Adobe stock

Firefighters were called Wednesday night at No. 14 rue de Paris in Louvres (Val d’Oise), for a brawl to say the least unusual, reports The Parisian . A 30-year-old man faced his attacker, who was then in possession of a knife. He counter-attacked by punching him several times, plunging the latter into a coma.

The origin of the brawl is currently unknown. The firefighters, quickly alerted, discovered on the spot the assailant, a 57-year-old man, completely unconscious. He was taken to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in absolute emergency, reports the daily.

The man who was stabbed, aware of the arrival of the emergency services, was taken to the Gonesse hospital center. After receiving seven stitches in the skull, he was taken into police custody as part of an investigation to determine the causes of this brawl.


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