Entertainment A leaked call to Nancy Ajram's guard reveals the...

A leaked call to Nancy Ajram’s guard reveals the details of her villa dead


YouTube social media pioneers traded a leaked call attributed to the artist’s guard Nancy Ajram It reveals many details about the incident of Muhammad al-Musa’s killing of her elephant.

In the leaked call, the guard, who could not confirm our authenticity, revealed that Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem was the artist’s husband. Nancy Ajram In the case of Tuhan, where he was “drunk”, and he killed Mohammed Al-Mousa using two pistols, not one pistol, as was reported.

Guard added Nancy Saying: What the victim, Mohammed Al-Mousa, was subjected to is a reprisal, and not, as it was said, he entered the villa as a thief.

Keeper pointed out Nancy Ajram Saying: The idea of ​​what is said is that the dead man’s clothes were changed at times. It was said that he was wearing white and other black clothes.

Little artist to live Nancy Ajram, A state of instability after her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, killed a masked Syrian youth inside their house.

Investigations are still ongoing to find out the identity of the dead man, the reason for his presence in the villa, and whether he actually stole as Fadi said, or did he work for Nancy Ajram, as some have said.


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