A fine for shorting tons. Kou, who baked the pie, pay $ 10,000

The situation occurred less than six minutes before the end of the race during the leadership of Nets 109: 103 and meant for the home team the loss of me and the counterpart of the soup. The day of these decisions was not affected. Pestoe from the counteraction did not fall, the reversal of the darkness was affected, because the Wizards lost the immediate opportunity to end the flow.

If Vanterpool’s decision was noticed, they could have made a technical mistake, followed by a free throw in favor of the Wizards, who would also get their streams further down the stream.

Vanterpool, eight, worked in Brooklyn for the first year, before that he was an assistant in Portland for six years and in Minnesota for two years. He played in the NBA for Washington as a hr, but worked in Europe, winning the Italian League with Siena and the European League with CSKA Moscow first as a hr (2006) and then as an assistant coach (2008). He and the club did not comment on the incident in Washington.

Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving was fined $ 25,000. The league’s leadership punished him as a fan during Monday’s match in his former Cleveland, which the Nets lost 107: 114. Irving joined the game this season and will meet in January. In the water, the attitude towards the coronavirus vaccine put him down in the dark, and in the end the Nets called him back and he joined at least in the races of his rivals. It is no longer possible to start in home matches, because according to the rules of New York City, all athletes and public officials must be fully shocked in closed spaces.

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