News A Coruña, spain recorded its lowest temperature in February,...

A Coruña, spain recorded its lowest temperature in February, highest in its history | Radio Coruña


The episode warm that has affected almost the whole of the Peninsula the past few days, and that still persist tomorrow, has left records of minimum temperatures in areas that usually are cold as Galicia, Castilla y León and Asturias.

In terms of the higher minimum, the State agency of Meteorology (Aemet) highlights 16,1 degrees of la Coruña on February 2, data that has not repeated since 1958 when the same day, the thermometer did not go down from the increase of 15.8 degrees.

“The air comes from latitudes far to the south, and that is what prevents the gusts that circulate in the Atlantic is closer to Galicia, and what that leaves us with these temperatures. It is not an extraordinary phenomenon and less in February, but it is true that the lows are reaching very high values,” explains the meteorologist Carlos Balseiro of According to their data, the maximum temperature of these days there will be the highest in the history of A Coruña during the month of February.

The forecast Balseiro indicates that these high temperatures will continue at least until Thursday. From that moment on could result in the entry of a storm that would lower the maximum temperatures and might even leave some downpour.

Other minimum temperature reached yesterday are the 15,3 degrees of A Coruña (airport), 12.5 degrees of Santiago de Compostela (airport), the 14,4 degrees of Asturias (airport), and 9.5 degrees of Soria.

The figures in other cities

The thermometers have broken records on the 1st of Februaryin terms of the minimum referred to in the meteorological station of Burgos (airport), where there were 10 degrees, beating the mark of 9.8 degrees reached in 1983.

In Valladolid, we came to the 10,9 degrees, a figure slightly higher than the last record -10,6 degrees – achieved in 1983.

In the station of Lugo (airport), the same date, were recorded to 12.9 degrees minimum, a figure that has beaten the record of 1987 when he came to a 12.4 degrees, according to data provided by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In terms of maximum temperatures recorded during this episode warm, the Meteorological Agency has highlighted the 18,6 grades achieved on the 31st of January, at the station in Pamplona (airport) a maximum most own of the beginning of the month of may.


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