7 Tips for Galaxy M Series 2022 for Productivity and Healing


Galaxy M23 5G, M33 5G, and M53 5G have various features to support productivity. Photo: Sindonews/Danang Arradian

JAKARTA Galaxy M Series 5G 2022 equipped with various productivity support features. It turns out that this is important, because according to the latest WHO research, working more than 55 hours a week can have a negative impact on health.

“Therefore, many experts recommend living a balanced personal and professional life, or commonly called a work life balance,” said Ilham Indrawan, MX Product Marketing Senior Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

According to Ilham, being productive is not just a matter of studying or working. However, the moment of healing must still be productive. “Especially for Gen Z,” he said.

Therefore, the latest Galaxy M Series 5G (M23 5G, M33 5G, and M53 5G) are equipped with various features that can be optimized for work or entertainment. Well, here are the features:

1. Labs
With the Labs feature, users can maximize multi-window capabilities for all applications. So they can get a full screen view when using the split screen function. This is useful, for example, when browsing material while watching learning videos on YouTube while doing schoolwork or lectures. Or, reply to the chat while revising the document.

2. Link to Windows
Link to Windows functions to connect a smartphone to a Windows PC to copy-paste text, transfer files, to answer calls and messages.

3. Quick Share

Can be used to send files, photos, and videos to other Galaxy devices faster. For example, to make an assignment or scientific work.

4. Dual Messenger
Its function is to create a duplicate of the instant messaging application. Essential for those who need two different messenger accounts for personal and professional needs. So no need to bother using more than one device.

5. Digital Entertainment

7 Tips for Galaxy M Series 2022 for Productivity and Healing

Game Launcher works to collect games in one place. There is a Priority Mode feature to block all notifications during play. Also, close various applications so that network connections and processor performance can be focused on the game being played.

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