4 Orders of Kim Jong-un in Early 2022, Forced Ex-Soldiers to Farm

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Leader North Korea, Kim Jong-un, issued various orders in early 2022.

The rules are like forcing ex-military troops to farm so they don’t attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

1. Force Ex-Soldiers to Become Farmers

The North Korean government is forcing ex-soldiers to farm as part of Pyongyang’s strategy to increase agricultural production.

Every North Korean male has to serve in the military for seven years after graduating from high school. However, retired soldiers currently provide a minimum of ten years of military service.

“The authorities made this decision at the fourth plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea at the end of December. They will send a group of retired soldiers to the fields,” an official from North Pyongan told Radio Free Asia in early January.

Many of the former soldiers were annoyed with the rule.

The North Korean government held a children’s concert displaying anti-US propaganda to the prevention of Covid-19. This country, indeed often holds annual children’s concerts in order to welcome the New Year.

The concert promoted anti-US propaganda through children’s songs and performances in army costumes. They displayed the message, “Death to American Imperialists!”

Another song that was performed showed an opportunity for penance for people who had anti-socialist thoughts. In addition, there is also a picture of soldiers wearing helmets with the words ‘US’ stamping on and attacking Korean women.

In addition, the concert also featured the Covid-19 prevention protocol. The children appeared wearing hand sanitizer bottle costumes with a song that asked them to continue to follow the rules so that it wouldn’t be a big problem.

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