4 Amazing Benefits of Jackfruit, One of them is Blood Sugar Control


Besides being used as an ingredient in various types of food and drinks, jackfruit also has extraordinary properties. Photo Illustration/Freepik

JAKARTA – Indonesian people are certainly very familiar with jackfruit . Jackfruit is a favorite fruit for many people or is often used as a mixture of food and drinks such as fruit ice.

In addition to being used as an ingredient in various types of food and drink, jackfruit apparently also has extraordinary properties. Well, to know more about the benefits of jackfruit for health, here’s the description, as reported by Stylecraze on Friday (28/1/2022).

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1. Can Improve Sleep Quality

Jackfruit is a fruit rich in magnesium and minerals. These nutrients can improve sleep quality.

A study was conducted to examine the effect of magnesium supplements on elderly subjects diagnosed with insomnia. After 8 weeks of magnesium consumption, researchers saw an increase in sleep time and a decrease in other symptoms of insomnia.

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2. Help Control Blood Sugar

Jackfruit has a moderate glycemic index ranging from 50 to 60. A diet rich in low-glycemic foods can help manage blood sugar levels.

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