398 new coronavirus confirmed… Today’s Distance Reorganization Plan Revealed (Comprehensive)

Input 2021.03.05 09:40 | Revision 2021.03.05 09:56

The number of new coronavirus infections (Corona 19) in Korea recorded 398 as of 5 days.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that the number of new corona19 confirmed cases in Korea as of 0 o’clock on the day was 398, down 26 from the previous day (424). There were 381 local outbreaks and 17 overseas inflows. The cumulative number of confirmed cases is 91,638.

On the morning of the 4th, overseas immigrants are receiving guidance from quarantine officials at Incheon International Airport’s 2nd passenger terminal. /yunhap news

In the last week, the number of new confirmed cases has been recorded daily from 415 → 356 → 355 → 344 → 444 → 424 → 398.

The number of new confirmed cases by region on this day was ▲ Seoul 129 ▲ Busan 20 ▲ Daegu 3 ▲ Incheon 12 ▲ Gwangju Metropolitan City 5 ▲ Sejong 1 ▲ Gyeonggi 168 ▲ Gangwon 4 ▲ Chungbuk 19 ▲ Chungnam 8 ▲ Jeonbuk 3 ▲ Gyeongbuk 4 ▲ Gyeongnam 3 ▲ Jeju 2 etc.

Eight people died. The cumulative death toll is 1627. The number of new quarantine releases was 398, a total of 82,560 people were removed from quarantine, and 7451 are currently being quarantined. There are 135 patients with severe gastric disorders.

The number of newly vaccinated people on this day was 67153. By this day, 225853 people have completed the first dose of the Corona 19 vaccine. 22,1944 AstraZeneca vaccines and 3,909 Pfizer vaccines.

A total of 1578 cases reported as suspected of adverse reactions after the COVID-19 vaccination have been counted so far. Among them, 1558 were reported to have been mild cases such as headache, fever, nausea, and vomiting, which can be common after vaccination. In addition, 13 suspected anaphylaxis cases, 1 convulsion case, and 6 death cases were reported.

On this afternoon, the government unveiled a draft plan for reforming social distancing. The quarantine authorities previously announced plans to strengthen regulations on individual activities while minimizing the collective ban, which has concentrated sacrifices on self-employed and small business owners.


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