28 years later, Christian Sarramagna finds the locker room of the FCM – Martigues – Vie des communes

Lots of emotion this afternoon in the hallway of the Turcan Stadium which leads to the players’ locker rooms, this is where the elders of the epic adventure and strewn with pitfalls of 1993, the year of the rise in D1, met. .
A corridor whose walls were lined with photos and posters retracing the heyday of the club martégale including obviously a beautiful place dedicated to this feat.
Emotion always when Christian Sarramagna, the trainer of this workforce 93, found, for the first time in 28 years, “his” Blood and Gold locker room (find out his reaction in the video, followed by his interview by one of our sports specialists, Manuel Danloy)

For the youngest who would ignore it, Christian Sarramagna is a great man of French football: left winger for a decade in the workforce of the great Saint-Etienne of the 70s, he won from 74 to 76 nothing less than three league titles. de France, a Coupe de France and reached a place of finalist in the European Cup of Champion Clubs (final lost in 76 against the ogre of the time, Bayern Munich) thus, as a coach this time, that a title of champion of D2 in 1993 with … the FCM.

Note, at the beginning of the video, the first person we see entering the locker room is Francis Collado who, in 1993, was part of the FCM management team before joining RC Lens from 1997 to 2008 as administrative director and financial, which made him a leader of two Blood and Gold clubs, one in the South, the other in the North.
Back in the region, he ended his football career as president of FC Istres.


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