Entertainment 20 minutes - is Will Ferrell the better Celine...

20 minutes – is Will Ferrell the better Celine Dion?


Cult star with singing talent

Will Ferrell is not only a gifted comedian, but also an excellent singer. Now he’s taking the Eurovision Song Contest on its shovels.

  • Will Ferrell starts a new comedy.
  • “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” is now running on Netflix.
  • The American makes fun of the song contest.
  • The cult star once again demonstrates his singing talent.
  • In previous films he already showed what he can do with his voice.

His films have absolute cult status – “Anchorman”, “Step Brothers”, “Daddy’s Home”, to name just a few. Will Ferrell is one of the funniest guys in Hollywood. He was a talented athlete in high school, playing American football, soccer and basketball. But in the last school year he realized that he could make his classmates laugh with his idiots and knew immediately what he wanted to do for a living. The rest is history, as the saying goes.

In addition to comedy and sports, the 52-year-old also has an outstanding talent: his singing skills. He proves this once again in his new comedy “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”, which is now running on Netflix.

For this occasion we have put together a small selection of his musical film highlights.

«Step Brothers»

At least since he uttered the aria “Con te partirò” in “Step Brothers”, no one doubts about Ferrell’s singing talent. He performed the classic so heartbreakingly that Schnulzentor Andrea Bocelli, who made the song famous, feared for his high CD sales.

In the cult comedy, Ferrell plays a middle-aged man who still lives at home with his mom. When she marries a guy who also has a grown son, at the age of 40 he suddenly finds himself confronted with a step brother with whom he has to share his room and his things. And yes, the movie is as funny as this plot description sounds.


The role of the greasy Newsreader a local station in San Diego immortalized Will Ferrell. As Ron Burgundy, he covers important events such as the birth of baby animals – and thus coined the saying: “That’s a big one!”

The comedy parodies one WITHeit before #MeToo era when men could freely dig into their work colleagues and trust in the magic of aftershave. Also unforgettable is the four-part vocal insert by Ferrell and his colleagues, which will go down in cinema history as one of the best musical performances.

«Old School»

When “Old School” came to the cinema in 2003, the film was initially not an overhit hit. But over the years it became an absolute cult film. Alongside Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson is playing Ferrell a frustrated mid-thirties who is reviving his college days by starting a student association and agains lets the sow out.

At the funeral of a childhood friend emotional Ferrell in his role with a performance of «Dust in the Wind», the mourners to tears stirs.

«Eurovision Song Contest»

The European singing competition must be extremely strange for an American. Strange folklore costumes, peculiar-sounding national languages, mostly grotto-bad songs and a lot of fog machine. Sure, something like that brings up a comedy specialist like Will Ferrell, who also wrote the screenplay for the new Netflix film.

He plays the moderately talented Icelandic Lars Erickssong, who, together with his best friend Sigrit (Rachel McAdams), has been dreaming of appearing in a song contest since childhood. By coincidence, the two actually end up at the largest singing spectacle in the world – and of course cause a surprise.


It is a bit creepy how Will Ferrell, dressed as a Christmas elf, starts a duet with colleague Jovie (Zooey Deschanel). Because she is in the shower. But he just can’t hold on because her beautiful voice hits him right in the heart.

Their joint song «Baby It’s Cold Outside »is a highlight of the charming comedy. For many, Ferrell’s portrayal of the buddy the elf in the film his best role ever.

«David Letterman Show»

Not only does Ferrell like to sing a song in his films – he also picks up the mic in talk shows. In 2010 he inspired im Format by David Letterman with his interpretation of Celine Dions «I’m Your Lady».


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