11,000 Campus Students in Wuhan Mass Graduation Without Mask

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Around 11,000 undergraduate candidates attended the University’s massive graduation ceremony Wuhan, China, on Sunday last week.

The undergraduate prospective students are compact wearing dark blue graduation gowns. They sat in rows and next to each other without wearing masks and keeping their distance.

This direct graduation was the first to be held since the corona virus pandemic emerged and spread from Wuhan around the end of 2019.

“Welcoming 2020 graduates back home. May your future be bright,” read a slogan at the Wuhan stadium as quoted AFP Wednesday (16/6).

More than 2,200 undergraduate candidates who took part in this year’s graduation ceremony were unable to attend last year’s graduation due to coronavirus restrictions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the capital of Hubei Province has implemented strict isolation (lockdown) until April 2020.

Since then, Wuhan has reopened gradually and has tried to maintain a low Covid-19 transmission rate by implementing strict partial restrictions, quarantine systems and mass vaccinations.

Wuhan held a graduation ceremony last year, but it was still limited. Wuhan University itself held a graduation ceremony still online in July 2020.

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