10 Facts about PDIP Task Force Cadre Arrested by Motorbike Hitting ABG Medan


The viral driver hit and kick youth F (17) in Medan, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) is a cadre PDIP’s Chakra Buana Task Force initials HSM. HSM has now been arrested by the police.

“Yes, it has been secured,” said Head of North Sumatra Police Public Relations Kombes Hadi Wahyudi when asked for confirmation, Friday (12/24).

Here are 10 facts as summarized detik.com, Saturday (12/25/2021):

1. The Persecution Video Goes Viral

Video showing a man being beaten and kicked by a car driver in Medan has gone viral. In the video, a black car can be seen entering the front area of ​​a mini market.

The car then hit a motorbike that was parked in front of it. After the car stopped, a woman got out of the car and entered the mini market.

Not long after, a man wearing a black cap came out of the convenience store. He looked like he was talking to the driver of the car.

The driver who was wearing a white shirt then approached the caped man. He immediately hit the man in the face until his cap fell.

2. Teenager in hats who were beaten didn’t fight back

In the video, the driver can also be seen kicking and repeatedly hitting a teenager wearing a cap with the initials F. F who was beaten without retaliating.

The uploader said the location of the incident was in a mini market not far from a private school in Medan. The uploader said the car driver did his action because he didn’t want to back the car so that the motorbike in front came out.

Information circulating four-wheeled riders did not accept their vehicles to back off so that two-wheeled vehicles could get out. It is clear from the CCTV that the car that entered hit a parked motorbike,” wrote the uploader.

3. Beaten Teen Wants to Go to Mosque

The teenage mother with the initials F (17) who was hit by the car spoke up about the moments of the incident. The mother said that F was about to go to the mosque, but stopped by the mini market first.

“My son, Thursday the 16th, before sunset, wanted to go to the mosque from home. Before going to the mosque, he stopped at the mini market to buy snacks and wanted to take him to the mosque for his friend,” said F’s mother, Ina, to reporters, Friday (12/24). ).

Ina said that F was told by a minimarket cashier that his parked motorbike had been hit by a car. However, he said, F did not mind this.

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