News the cities where real estate will leave after containment

the cities where real estate will leave after containment


Some medium-sized cities have strengths that make them prime investment sectors to keep in mind once deconfinement has taken place.

The price of real estate is generally more reasonable in medium-sized cities, some of which have undeniable advantages. Serviced by the TGV, dynamic, pleasant to live in, they can be considered as offering the possibility of making a good investment. La Rochelle, Dijon, Poitiers or Tours are part of it, depending on The echoes.

A student city with tourist and economic dynamism, Poitiers is only 1 hour 35 minutes from the TGV from Paris since 2017. First in the 2019-2020 ranking of university cities produced by the magazine L’Étudiant, it has the advantage of keeping an average price of affordable real estate around 1,589 euros per square meter. In the city center, its cost increases to 1,700 euros.

By the sea, renowned for its authenticity and calm, La Rochelle stands out for its quality of life. As proof, the Association of French Towns and Villages recently awarded him third place in the city where life is good. Very touristy, the coastal city has seen its property prices soar by 34.8% in the last ten years. As a result, the average price per square meter flirts with 3,300 euros. However, the number of buyers is greater than that of sellers.

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At the crossroads of major French and Swiss cities, Dijon is renowned for its dynamism which attracted 2.3% more inhabitants between 2011 and 2016 according to figures from INSEE. In addition, more than a billion euros have been invested in fifteen years to provide the agglomeration with major infrastructure and the city could boast, in the third quarter of 2019, an unemployment rate of 7.2% (i.e. 1.4% lower than the national average). Very well served by TGV and highways, it also has a large student population. However, the average price per square meter, set at 2,125 euros, remains reasonable.

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The first employment pool in the Center Val-de-Loire region and above all the first teaching center with nearly 30,400 students in 2019, Tours is located in the heart of the great castles of the Loire, in a site classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The city, less than an hour from Paris by TGV, has an average price per square meter of 2,570 euros. Up in the last ten years, this price has been marked by a strong acceleration in recent months.


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