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The Body Taken by a Family with the Guarantee of a Positive DPRD Makassar Member Corona


MAKASSAR, – Covid-19’s body taken by the family after a guarantee from Makassar DPRD member Andi Hadi Ibrahim Baso was declared positive of the corona virus.

Acting Director of Daya Hospital Drg Hasni said, the results of the swab only came out a few hours after the body was brought by the family.

“Of the illnesses suffered by patients who brought Andi Hadi to RSUD Daya suffer from high fever and shortness of breath for more than a month. From the results of the rapid test also mentioned reactive. Then the thorax photo examination and swab test continued and the results were positive, “he told reporters on Wednesday (1/7/2020).

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Hasni said, from the beginning the family and Andi Hadi refused the patient to be treated according to the Covid procedure.

“In accordance with the health protocol regulations, all patients’ families must sign a Co-19 service agreement letter of consent,” he explained.

Nevertheless, medical personnel still provide services to patients.

“Andi Hadi refused the patient to be treated in the Covid-19 infection center room at RSUD Daya. Thus, patients only receive treatment in the transition room while waiting for the swab test results to come out of the laboratory. The swab results have not yet come out, the patient died, “he explained.

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The family and Andi Hadi forced the body to be buried in the funeral home.

Daya Hospital then asked Andi Hadi to make a statement as the guarantor of the body to be brought home.

“Andi Hadi, who was also the Task Force team for the Covid-19 corpse exploration and the family of the deceased, insisted on bringing the body home to be buried without Covid-19 protap. Even though we have already educated the family of the corpse, it cannot be buried as usual, because it can be dangerous to spread the virus to other people, “he said.

Earlier it was reported that the corpse of a Covid-19 patient who died in RSUD Daya, Makassar was brought home by his family after a guarantee from a member of the Makassar DPRD on Saturday (6/27/2020).



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