Technology Nintendo President Apologizes for Joy-Con Problems

Nintendo President Apologizes for Joy-Con Problems


It was in a financial Q&A that the president of Nintendo finally expressed himself on the problem that many players face with the Joy-Cons. The problem of “Joy-Con Drift” has been going on for a long time and although Nintendo offered to repair the Joy-Cons for free, we were still waiting for a response from Nintendo executives. The president of the company finally apologizes to his community, but because of the class action in progress in the United States against Nintendo for the “Joy-Con Drift”, he cannot comment more.

For a long time players have been complaining about the cursed “Joy-Con drift”. This problem is linked to the analog stick of the controller which performs actions on its own without being touched. We especially notice a “Joy-Con drift” when the analog stick itself seems to make our character drift to one side. The problem was so widespread that Nintendo had to act quickly by offering free repair to players experiencing this problem with their Switch. The discontent, however, has not been completely appeased and a class action is still underway against Nintendo in the United States.

While Nintendo was believed to have solved the problem at the source with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch Lite, visibly dissatisfied players say they are experiencing “Joy-Con drift” problems after as little as 20 hours of play with the news console. Nintendo therefore obviously has difficulty creating new Joy-Cons that do not have this problem. The same month that the Nintendo Switch Lite was released in the United States, it was added to the class action for “Joy-Con drift”.

When questioned recently on the problem of “Joy-Con drift”, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, finally apologized to his community.

With regard to the Joy-Cons, we are sorry for any problem caused to our customers. We continue to aim to improve our products, but since Joy-Con is the subject of a class action in the United States and the problem is still pending, we would like to refrain from responding on the specific actions we are taking.

It is the first time that a Nintendo executive has apologized for the problem. Although he cannot speak freely about it because of the class action, we are happy to see that everything is taken seriously at Nintendo.


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