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How to maintain your physical and mental well-being during quarantine


In a matter of a few weeks our life has taken a radical turn. We find ourselves immersed in an unknown situation in which, secluded in our homes, we have had to limit our movements and leave only for what is truly necessary. It is a key moment in which we all add up with our actions, working as a team to stop the coronavirus curve.

Our day to day has changed. The applause of eight in the afternoon has become a necessary ritual to thank the work of the professionals who fight against the pandemic, school activities are done through a computer screen, we exercise, we cook, we visit museums, we go to concerts and we meet to have a drink with our family and friends without leaving home.

They say that the human being has a great capacity for adaptation and that allows him to face adversities. However, in exceptional situations like the one we are experiencing, sometimes it is inevitable to feel lost and that is why there are many tips that you can follow to learn to live at home ensuring your well-being.

Beat laziness and get fit

During quarantine it is important to stay active to avoid sedentary lifestyle, as recommended by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the General Council of Physical and Sports Education (COLEF Council). Creating a daily exercise routine also helps us maintain a sense of normality and protect our mental health.

Hiit, aerobics, zumba, pilates or yoga, whatever your favorite activity, on the Internet you can find a large number of exercises to do various routines. Furthermore, many influencers of the world of fitness They organize live classes on their social networks so that you feel like in a virtual gym.

Take time to eat well

Normally, our frenetic pace of life prevents us from having healthy eating habits. Something positive that we can take advantage of confinement, in addition to taking out the chef we have inside, is to be able to practice ‘mindful eating’ or conscious feeding, that is, enjoy the food without haste, savoring each bite in a calm way.

It is time to take advantage of the stove and return to the recipes of the grandmother that you had forgotten, such as stews or stews. You can also innovate and bring flavors from around the world to your kitchen, creating menus that make you travel without leaving home: take advantage of the fish to make a ceviche, the avocado to make some nachos with guacamole or jump into making a teriyaki chicken.

Cultivate the mind

If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain. Culture has no limits and in this quarantine it is being demonstrated. Museums, theaters and artists of all nationalities have used the Internet to bring their works of art and songs to our homes.

Just as when you left work you stayed to go to the movies, to go to a concert or, simply, you enjoyed a good book on the sofa, now you have an infinite cultural agenda with a wide variety of virtual plans for all tastes.

Detox information

Given the situation we are experiencing, it is understandable that we want to be informed of what is happening beyond the four walls of our home. Nevertheless, an information overload can increase our anxiety unnecessarily. Therefore, one of the main recommendations of the experts is to choose a certain time of day to see or read the news, for example, at lunch or dinner. In this way, the rest of the time will be spent on other tasks that allow us to distract ourselves. Also, it is important to always consult official sources and do not get carried away by the hoaxes that circulate on social networks.

The meditation It is another very healthy activity for our mind and an ally to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as relaxation techniques that consist of concentrating on our breathing. Another recommendation is to use the mobile phone in a responsible way: avoid using it two hours before sleeping and do not turn it on as soon as you get up.

Create an optimal working environment

If you have to telecommute, try to separate your work environment from the rest of the house so as not to mix it with the spaces dedicated to leisure and rest. As Banco Santander recommends to its employees, it is important to keep the area clear, without objects that could cause an accidental fall. Also, try to make full use of natural light and take short breaks to disconnect, self-managing your time to the fullest.

Companies like Banco Santander are dedicating a significant effort to contribute to the well-being of their employees. For this, the entity has promoted #SantanderSeQuedaEnCasa, an initiative that provides advice on how to deal with this situation, plans to keep fit, recipes and good eating habits, activities to entertain the little ones, tips to work from home and even deliver medications at home if your employees need it.

These and other measures are part of the program Santander with you, through which the company offers its workers and families a large number of services to make their personal and professional lives easier. Some of them are: 24-hour personalized attention to help with personal tasks; 56 hours of help per year for those employees whose state of health implies that they need support in activities such as cleaning the home or taking care of children; 14 annual sessions for specialized treatments (psychologists, speech therapists …); private medical centers or legal advisory services.

Furthermore, in its continuous effort to alleviate the effects of the COVID19 crisis, Banco Santander has launched the ‘JUNTOS Solidarity Fund’, an initiative through which the Group’s employees can contribute their bit with financial contributions that will go to the acquisition of sanitary material. The first contribution to the fund has been 50% of the fixed and variable remuneration of the entity’s president, Ana Botín, and the CEO, José Antonio Álvarez for 2020.

The bank has made calculations and illustrated what each euro contributed would equal: for example, with 18 euros you can buy 8 masks and 2 tests; with 33 euros, 10 masks and 4 tests; with 130 euros, 50 masks and 15 tests; or with 1,000 euros, a non-invasive respirator.


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