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He traveled from Buenos Aires to Santiago del Estero to go to a wake and tested positive for coronavirus: they had to isolate six locations


Santiago del Estero it had been more than 20 days without registering new infections by coronavirus, but the deception of four people who entered the province, coming from Lomas de Zamora, in Greater Buenos Aires, forced them to isolate six locations.

According to police sources, last Friday around 23, a Jeep truck with four crew, a woman and three men, was stopped at a vehicle control on National Route 34, on the border of this province and that of Santa Fe. There, the three passengers they showed a permit of “National Circulation of Inter-jurisdictional Scope” dated Thursday 25 and valid for 48 hours, which indicated that his final destination was Salta.

Diego Ariel Pérez, the driver, and three brothers, Fabio Rolando Véliz, Susana Véliz and Reyna Felisa Véliz, were traveling in the van. These people told the troops that they had to go to the neighboring province to attend their sister’s wake, and the police let them go. But, before, he warned them that they could not stop or descend from the vehicle in any city in Santiago.

On Saturday, a complaint alerted the security forces to the presence of “three Buenos Aires in the locality Los Quiroga, in La Banda, who were participating in a burial without respecting social distancing and in close contact with the neighbors. As reported The Liberal, the Police contacted the Emergency Committee and, immediately, the entire protocol was activated.

The troops went to the place and found that it was the Véliz brothers, who They were arrested and made available to Justice.

Prosecutor Sebastián Robles ordered that a swab be performed and the woman tested positive for coronavirus, so it was decided to admit her to the Independencia Hospital with police surveillance, where she is progressing favorably.

Meanwhile, the other two brothers were housed at the Technology Node.

The Police mounted a bolt operation to find Pérez, the driver who took them from Buenos Aires to Santiago del Estero, and managed to arrest him.

These Buenosaireans were in close contact with at least 45 people who participated in the wake. Therefore, the provincial authorities decided to preventively isolate six localities: Chaupi Pozo, Los Véliz, Los Gómez, Los Corbalán, Los Soria and Los Quiroga, all located less than 50 kilometers from the provincial capital.

“The irresponsible behavior of a group of people has put us on the alert again,” said Pablo Mirolo, mayor of the city of La Banda, in dialogue with the local press on Tuesday.

The Attorney General of the Province Luis Alberto de la Rúa explained to The Liberal that the sites will continue to be isolated while police conduct interviews and it investigates to see if there are more people who have had contact with the brothers.

In addition, de la Rúa announced: “They are going to be charged for violating article 205 of the Penal Code, and we are going to investigate if they were aware that they were infected with coronavirus or if they had symptoms. All of this will come from the investigation.”

Finally, the prosecutor sentenced: “If we become aware that today we do not have the virus circulating, but due to our own attitude of preventing and complying with protocols, we are going to do well. Now, if we violate that, there is no doubt that we will have the virus circulating among us and we will have to go back to phase 1“.

The case of the Buenosairean woman he was not the only one confirmed this weekend in Santiago del Estero, a man resident in the Alberdi department, who had returned from the province of Buenos Aires, also tested positive. As he is asymptomatic, he was transferred to an intermediate isolation center in the city of Pampa de los Guanacos, in the Copo department.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)




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