Business From diesel Mercedes-Benz GLS made an alternative to "Maybach"...

From diesel Mercedes-Benz GLS made an alternative to “Maybach” – Motor


At the request of the customer, Hofele designers can otherwise design the interior of a full-size all-terrain vehicle, and most importantly, any new GLS can be taken as the basis of the project, from the basic “three hundred and fifty” version to the top AMG GLS 63. Thus, the alternative to the Maybach can even be made from diesel crossover.

For example, as a demonstration Ultimate HGLS taken diesel “four hundredth” version with a 2.9-liter 330-horsepower (700 Nm) engine. By ordering a Mercedes-Maybach GLS, the customer agrees to a non-alternative 558-horsepower (730 Nm) gasoline V8 with a hybrid 22-horsepower “add-on” EQ Boost.


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