News Debate on the Epic: Zbraslav or Moravský Krumlov?

Debate on the Epic: Zbraslav or Moravský Krumlov?


According to her, the paintings will end up on the construction site, as the reconstruction of the entire chateau will take another five years. Prague therefore suggested that it reconsider the intention to lend to the previous canvas refuge. “The epic could be in Zbraslav, for example,” Plocková told Práva earlier. Prague also considered this place, and restorer Tomáš Berger, who takes care of the canvases, also spoke in favor of Zbraslav.

Prague decided last year

“Zbraslav is a beautiful exhibition space and I have no doubt that the restorer Berger will find another use for it,” says the mayor of Moravský Krumlov Tomáš Třetina (TOP 09).

The Prague City Hall eventually met the city of Moravia, which had provided refuge to the paintings for many years and exhibited them since 1963, and as a comprehensive collection of twenty large-format canvases since 1968.

Last year, Prague’s deputies decided on a temporary loan of Epopeja to Moravský Krumlov for five years. Councilor Hana Třeštíková (Prague herself) then presented the loan to Krumlov as an opportunity to exhibit a cycle of 20 canvases worth several billion as soon as possible.

At the same time, the capital would gain time and could finally find or build premises for a permanent location for the Epic after 80 years. The head of the YES opposition representatives, Patrik Nacher, would like to know what the situation is around Epopeja when Moravský Krumlov is still not ready.

In Moravský Krumlov, we do not perceive the Epic as a means of enrichment. It is part of the genius loci of our city.

“Councilors should inform the council about the situation,” Nacher told Práva. He did not rule out that members of his club would ask the matter at Thursday’s meeting. Nacher has doubts about the announced five-year stay of the Epic in Moravský Krumlov. “We are afraid that temporaryness may become permanent,” he said.

The coalition representative, the head of the cultural committee of the council, Jan Wolf (United Forces for Prague, KDU-ČSL) thinks that last year’s decision of Prague can be changed. “I see this as possible due to circumstances such as coronavirus, missing visitors, vacant premises of the castle in Zbraslav, unfinished reconstruction of the castle in Moravský Krumlov, low insurance amount for Epopej and a lawsuit with Alfons Mucha’s heirs,” Wolf told Práva.

Krumlov: we will meet the criteria

“Yes, the castle is gradually being repaired. Next year, the south wing will be repaired and exhibition conditions will be available in the east according to the strictest ICOM indicators. Krumlov Castle will meet world criteria for the exhibition of works of art. The fact that the neighboring wing is undergoing a major overhaul does not pose any threat to the Epic, “stressed the mayor of Moravský Krumlov Třetina.

The premises, where visitors will admire the canvases, will be ready this autumn and then, with the management of the Prague Gallery, they will resolve issues related to the start of operations. From previous meetings of the representatives of both cities came the assignment of how the spaces for canvases should be equipped and what they must meet. “In Moravský Krumlov, we do not perceive the Epic as a means of enrichment. It is part of the genius loci of our city, “remarked the mayor.

The granddaughter of the painter Mucha also spoke for Právo about the fact that her grandfather was also inclined to have the canvases displayed near his native Ivančice, in Brno. According to the First Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno, Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL), they are able to prepare the premises at the exhibition center. “We have exhibition halls and from a technical point of view we can adapt everything to the needs of the work. Some time ago, we exhibited part of Mucha’s paintings, so we also have experience, “he said.

The coronavirus has taken some well-known events from Brno, the engineering fair is not taking place this year after 60 years. The complex can be used differently. “We are ready for negotiations,” said Hladík.


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