Sport Controversial meat baron Tönnies resigns as director of Bundesligaclub...

Controversial meat baron Tönnies resigns as director of Bundesligaclub Schalke 04


Clemens Tönnies leaves as chairman of the board at Schalke 04 after almost twenty years. The German football club reports on the website. The 64-year-old businessman is under attack for the disappointing sports performance of Schalke 04 and the recent corona outbreak at his meat factory Tönnies meat.

Schalke 04 did not win the last sixteen Bundesliga matches, finished in twelfth place and again did not qualify for European football. It is the worst series in history. Even before the corona crisis, the club from Gelsenkirchen balanced on the verge of bankruptcy. Schalke says he regrets Tönnies’ decision. It is still unclear who will succeed him.

Corona outbreak

Two weeks ago, a major corona outbreak was diagnosed at a branch of the meat factory Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia). More than 1,500 people tested positive in the slaughterhouse, making it Germany’s largest source of infection.

According to the authorities, Tönnies violated the corona rules, endangering the entire region. About 7000 people had to be quarantined. In the slaughterhouses of Tönnies, many foreign workers work under appalling conditions.


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