Sport Becker attacks Kyrgios after criticizing Zverev: "I don't like...

Becker attacks Kyrgios after criticizing Zverev: “I don’t like rats”


Boris Becker and Nick Kyrgios have an exchange of blows on Twitter.

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Boris Becker and Nick Kyrgios argue on Twitter over Alexander Zverev’s recent party trip despite the fiasco of the Adriatic Tour. Hard words fall between the two.

“I don’t like rats,” Boris Becker tweeted on Tuesday morning, targeting Nick Kyrgios. The Australian attacked Alexander Zverev on Monday after German world number 7 was spotted at a party by fashion designer Philipp Plein. “Anyone who complains about a colleague is not a friend of mine,” continued Becker. “Look in the mirror and see if you’re better than us.”

The response of the 25-year-old is not long in coming. «Rats? Because you hold someone accountable? It’s a weird way of thinking about it, champion. I only think of the people, »writes Kyrgios.

He adds: “IF my families and families around the world respectfully did the right thing.” He would just say something if someone had eaten something, said the former bad boy of the tour.

“Bobele” explains his criticism: “There is an unwritten law between athletes! Whatever happens on the pitch stays there, including the cloakroom! Nobody should talk about it … #Respect #Sport #Community. »

«I would really like to see Kyrgios realize his potential and win a Grand Slam! He would be an incredible role model for youth around the world who deal with the issues of equality and race! Grow up, buddy, and deliver! ”Said the six-time major winner.

Kyrgios opposes this and shares a fan’s tweet: “It has nothing to do with ‘what’s happening on the pitch’, that’s real life. This is the life of people who die. »

Kyrgios retweeted this message.

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In another tweet Nick Kyrgios becomes personal. He writes (freely translated): «Boris Becker is a bigger fool than I thought. He can play a volley, but he’s not the brightest candle on the cake. »

Becker’s ironic replica: «You funny guy. What does it look like down under. Do you all respect the regulations? »

Kyrgios replies that Becker does not have to make friends now because he has just been removed.


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