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A new $ 2M research laboratory inaugurated at the CHU de Québec [VIDÉO] | Health | News | The sun


Analyze dangerous microorganisms

Intended for research on dangerous or emerging pathogens transmitted by the respiratory route, this laboratory will now be able to analyze viruses such as avian influenza and tuberculosis. Viruses such as Ebola and haemorrhagic fevers remain reserved for containment level 4, the only laboratory in the country located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“With a laboratory like this, we will move into the major leagues and we will be able to compete with the best researchers on the planet,” says Dr. Boivin, also holder of the Canada Research Chair in Influenza Viruses .

The level 3 containment laboratory will therefore allow him and his teams to take an interest in pathogens that it was previously impossible for it to handle. The Center hospitalier universitaire de Québec only had a level 2 containment laboratory.

In all, there are four levels of microorganism containment. Their classification varies in particular according to the severity of the infection in humans, their contagious potential and their dangerousness for the manipulators.

A universal flu vaccine

The research projects he intends to pursue aim to understand these infections and to develop new treatments and vaccines to treat them more effectively. Dr Boivin, who has worked for 25 years at the CHU de Québec, was already working on the development of a universal flu vaccine.

“We are not alone in the race [parce que] everyone wants the universal influenza vaccine, but it’s not easy to reach, ”said Dr. Boivin, who hopes to be able to find the magic formula in 5 to 10 years.

The NC3 laboratory must wait for accreditations from the Canadian authorities before getting under way, “very soon”.


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