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17.01.2022 – 12:04

PKV – Association of Private Health Insurance eV

Berlin (ots)

Every sixth job in Baden-Württemberg is part of the healthcare industry. It is one of the largest industries in the country. Private health insurance (PKV) makes a disproportionately strong contribution to this and at the same time has a remarkably high positive spillover effect on the economy as a whole.

The additional sales of the privately insured alone, compared to those with statutory insurance, bring the state additional added value of 1.9 billion euros per year, reports the Darmstadt-based economic research institute WifOR. This finances 45,940 jobs in the healthcare sector in Baden-Württemberg that would not exist without private health insurance. The institute sums up that privately insured persons are “an important source of financing for the equipment of practices and hospitals and thus for medical care in Baden-Württemberg as a whole”. WifOR regularly prepares the “Health Economic Accounting” for the Federal Ministry of Economics – and has now determined the “economic footprint” of private health insurance using the same method.

The WifOR study shows that private health insurance radiates a particularly large amount of positive energy into the economy as a whole: with every euro of added value from private health insurance, there is an additional 0.85 euros in the economy as a whole. “Thus, the economic spillover effects of private health insurance – measured in terms of gross value added – surpass highly innovative sectors such as mechanical engineering (EUR 0.79), medical technology (EUR 0.40) or the manufacture of human medicines (EUR 0.22)”, states the WifOR Institute fixed.

As a result, every job in the private health insurance goes hand in hand with another 2 additional jobs in the economy as a whole. With this job factor, private health insurance even surpasses mechanical engineering (+1.1 jobs).

You can do the WifOR study on the economic footprint of private health insurance download here.

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