Zueka and Vladi Aprilov chant “We, the Bulgarians” with 600 people in Madrid (Video)

The Spanish poster for the performance “We, the Bulgarians” by Zueka and Vladi Aprilov PHOTO: Orlin Mirchev

“We, the Bulgarians” – this was chanted by over 600 people in a hall in Madrid last night at the end of the eponymous performance by Vasil Vassilev-Zueka and Vladi Aprilov.

The actors, dressed as footballers in shorts and three-quarter socks, kept bouncing with excitement and excitement as the audience applauded. For two hours Zueka and Vladi Aprilov laughed, and the audience cried a little with the show, dedicated and intended for all Bulgarians abroad. In it, they tell with sketches about who we are, where we are, how there is corruption in our country, but we are also Switzerland in the Balkans because of our fabulous nature.

The crowded hall called out the encore talented actors three times. Tickets for the Madrid show were bought a month ago. The theater in Valladolid was full on Friday night, where Zueca and Vladi also presented “We, the Bulgarians”. Tonight they will also fill the theater in Vialba, where their next performance is.

Before Spain, the two performed in the UK and Austria.

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