“Zielinski and Osimhen? Their return allows us to have one thing”

The technician of the Naples, Luciano Spalletti, made some statements before the match against Bologna. These are his words, released to the microphones of DAZN:

“Return Zielinski and Osimhen? I am pleased to have, if not always, almost always my squad available. It is from the quality of the whole squad that you can come out as a great team. Zielinski and Osimhen have unique characteristics and are qualities that we would like to always have available. Their presence gives us serenity “.

“It becomes easy to have a relationship with Sinisa. If he has shown an esteem towards Napoli and Napoli he is an intelligent person because the Neapolitans deserve this sympathy. It seems to me that Bologna has scored more points with him than in its entire history, or in any case at levels never reached. So we congratulate him “.

Francesco Fildi

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