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Zeta Zetas shine your crown | Radio Club Tenerife | The Window of the Canary islands


Street bands that preceded them on the stage for four hours of performances will be held this Wednesday to put a red carpet to Zeta Zetas to make it look in all its glory. The campus of Javi Lemus had it more easy than ever to shine with its own light, its exciting (and monumental) second theme. Even leaving the caviar to the appointment summit Friday, the group that defended the scepter was able to take lustre to his crown. Emphasized still more by the gulf that divides them from the rest in a preliminary insufferable, that it became eternal, until they came unto them. Also saved from the burning a remarkable Runaway. A team without the pedigree of others, but merits plenty of room to stand up in his first final in 11 years. The big fiasco was Triquikonas, far from their years, more buoyant, and with serious difficulties to convince. The shipwreck was all in criticism and, more disturbingly, also in the humor is too easy and commercial lead by flag.

UNLEASHED. Were not competing against others, but against the nerves and the doubts of the premiere. It was noted at the murga very stressed and beset by the responsibility of the debut, which solventaron as they could after the myriad of problems they have had in the last few months. Quite an achievement to compete from a figure as low component (43)… and without musical director until ten days ago!

The problems of intonation accompanied them from the beginning and complicated that the audience could pay attention to his lyrics, the first with a supposed manifestation and the second, on superhero of flesh and bone.

If you enjoyed on the stage, the experience of premiering as a murgueras of competition, all the stress from September to February it was worth it. From now on, since they can only get better.

TRIQUIKONAS. Were the phase and the time ideal for the once-queen of humor. When the clock marked ten and the preliminary or had fallen off, the platoon found the perfect night to stand and put both feet in the end. But prodded against all odds and the disappointment was huge. They left the audience open-mouthed… but so dull and predictable that it was your action.

The 101 of Almudena Domínguez began with the announced and sincere appreciation -spoken by its director – to all the colleagues of the other groups who flocked with them to help them put on their headgear, even unfinished the night before their performance. An example of solidarity murguera.

His purpose of becoming even more commercial note since its first issue, in the dress of women in prison to the ‘vis a vis’. It takes a world to boot -in fact you never did – in a song orphan of spark until well into his interpretation. Teach your version more warrior to talk about the mistreatment of women and end up with the feeling of having wasted an original idea that just took tip.

After the fiasco of the first issue, it seemed that what fiarían everything to your factory of humour is too easy and commercial that many times has worked. But they found the potion perfect or dressed fairy, to the point of leaving the feeling that I then had paraded eight murgas better than them. Disappointment large.

GRUMPY. A historical action (the first of a murga portuense on the stage of Santa Cruz) which ended with a good taste in your mouth. Its director is the charismatic Javi ‘Chilean’ but introduced the two topics David Padilla, whose hand note in pitch, voices and musical selection.

The enthusiasm of its debut in the capital gave them a plus from the first few bars of his parade. They took advantage of the prick of Triquikonas and took it to a public hungry for good lyrics, but his great sin was that addressed topics about which had already been sung until the boredom: labor rights, immigration, bullying, the elderly… In their first issue did so from a prism and very little original, and with a storyline that was also too much vaunted in contests past (the heroes). Yes, sounding very well.

Trying to get out of the script in the second part of her performance dresses of bush but also offered arguments ‘repeated’ as the message to which you are going to the canteen when they act the female, or singing to the unit taking as reference the fire heinous of Gran Canaria. There was a long time that the evidence (ranging from grass green) has lost all relation with what they sang. Can leave with the aftertaste of sweet of having defended tooth and nail the repertoire that also they shall lay hold on the North, where it will attempt to protect your crown region.

ARREMANGADOS. The Candelaria will have to keep fighting to escape the worst scored of the contest. Just noticed evolution compared to the previous year and the tuning problems they were accompanied by nearly 30 minutes of action. Not all of them understood as they would have liked.

The first topic pivotaba on a very good idea (the bookies), but forfeited because of a wording very improved. Not him out the whole game that would have been possible. In the second part of your interpretation to provide humor to an eyedropper in a succession of tartazos live with recipients as diverse as Iniesta “or the sound to gamble the Hell the past year.” Haphazardly, without rhyme or reason.

When at the end of his director said to the microphone that the murgas “make the competition increasingly large”, perhaps not referring to the action that had just completed. Nonsense.

THE RUNAWAY. After four performances disappointing in a torture phase insufferable, the cast of Jamie Padilla had before it a historic opportunity to burst the night and cross the walkway to the end on his eleventh attempt.

Were the first minstrels of the night, that yes sounded like murga. Good rhymes, litany original, even if some stanzas brilliant in the first topic where you presume from the start of his unmistakable DNA of the canary islands. Assert symbols as the Patron saint of the Canary islands; to the Carnival chicharrero as the best (through the comparison Juan Luis Guerra in Santa Cruz-Manny Manuel in Las Palmas) and bring luster to the history of the contest of adult with references to historical documents like the Fufa or Chichiriviches. Become the stage in a parade of murgueros distinguished. All through the thread that never abandoned: the cycles. The of them as finalists, should start this Friday.

The second, with an original boot even though it was off at times. The former romper Maxi takes a role similar to that played in the famous letter of Guinness and get the minstrels to interact with the public and with the stage of authorities. It was to choose. And when they had to act -with a cubanito in chorus included – the only thing that was missing is that I chose (well) to the jury.

NEITHER MANY NOR FEW. The second-to-last of the costumed groups in the parade by the tables of the Fairgrounds made some good predictions that are not located between the candidates even have to be revelation. They did improve slightly on the level of the Carnival earlier.

It is a group that seems stuck in the same problems reproduced in their ranks year after year. Its great merit is to keep refreshing your list of murgueras and stay in competition. Now, perhaps they should review their letters, in which abound tedium and lethargy.

Her performance she did long for a public that was waiting with eagerness to Zeta Zetas and the subsequent verdict with the name of the finalists. Pity that not Many do not choose this time even to the awards Presentation. Coming from a Third party in 2019 that it will be impossible to repeat.

ZETA ZETAS. Exude enthusiasm and magic to your arrival to the tables of the Enclosure. His growth spurt in music is evident of the hand of the genius of the voices, Richard Casanova. The signing is perfect for a murga that already sounded like a cannon war.

To give the value that has to the progression vertigiosa of Zeta Zetas there that remind you of the years that remained to the doors of the end, or they were called derogatorily the Bambones of ‘landowner’. Now set the pattern of the contest and have taken it to another dimension through his already proverbial bet by the innovation.

Start with strength and speed. Give a twist to your staging, which is seasoned with the prodigious voice of Besay and a symphony that puts the hairs barbed. There is also decided to innovate.

In his ‘Ghost Carnival’ surprise when the stage is dark and they turn on their lights (and their voices). But nothing more. The problem is that are entangled in worries murgueras that removed brightness to the subject and move it away from the viewer. They put the ‘so grieved’ and not removed until the end. The only genius was visual and the other, a maze. I did that so many times they have been criticized: that fu eron more noise than nuts.

The second topic, yes convinced. Sign their particular monument to the woman with a fast-paced and the lyrics full of emotion that make to lift to the Venue and to revive the stage at two in the morning. They ended up in the pocket to the public… and for sure also to the jury.


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