Zdeněk Dolanský died. The actor shone in TV series Nova

Zdeněk Dolanský decided to study acting only in high school. He was not accepted for the first time, so he spent a year as a prop in the Municipal Theaters of Prague and in the Chamber Theater. He was accepted to DAMU the following year.

After graduating in 1975, he went with several classmates to the Horácký Theater in Jihlava. Subsequently, he performed in several theaters in Liberec, Olomouc and Příbram. He also performed at the theater in Pardubice for six years. From Pardubice, his journey led to the EF Burian Theater in Prague, where he remained until its abolition.

“Our dad, Zdenda Dolanský, left yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much to everyone who called you, and all of you who liked him, remember him and have something good,” said his son Jiří on Facebook.

Dolanský had more than 120 roles in classical and contemporary theater. He also often did dubbing. Viewers of TV Nova can remember it, for example, from the series Expozitura, Polrava Police or Kriminálka Anděl. His son Jan is also a well-known Czech actor.


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