Zatovic motivated them. If we are a farm in Přerov, winning for two points is a shame for Kometa, laughs Zlín goalkeeper Kašík

Are you overjoyed or sad that you didn’t make it to the end?

I’m happy for the point. The people of Brno are now riding the victorious wave, so we must accept it humbly. I’m just a little sorry for the second goal scored. I knew about the free Zboril, but I didn’t have time to hit his shot.

Photo: Václav Šálek, ČTK

Jakub Sedláček in the match against ZlínPhoto: Václav Šálek, CTK

You have already reduced the loss to the penultimate Kladno to five points …

I’m glad for that. But I don’t really want to look back at how other teams are doing. It is important for me to be successful and to score many more often than at the beginning of the extra-league year.

Martin Zaťovič from Brno and Ondřej Němec from Zlín.

Václav Šálek, CTK

You’ve been doing well lately. Latvian or Russian reinforcements or hosting the Canadian Mallet probably helped you a lot, didn’t they?

Yes. We believe much more now than we did a few weeks ago. We are much stronger on the ice. I have to praise all the boys fighting. This also applies to foreign fighters. They can be seen playing for their name, and they are not at all indifferent to our situation.

Were you motivated by the pre-match statement of Captain Comet Martin Zaťovič, who lives in Přerov and called the Zlín team a Přerov farm?

I won’t say no. It’s a pity we didn’t win in Brno to take revenge on him even more. But if, according to him, we are the Přerov farm, there is also a two-point win for Comet a disgrace. (laughter). But it’s clear to me that Martin was kind of kidding.

You and Kometa have scored in all three dueling this season. Does her game suit you?

Hard to say. It may be a bit of a coincidence.

You are now in a much better position than before. Do you believe that you will at least win participation in the retention play-off, and that the season will turn out well for you in the end?

I would not like to rate it yet. Until recently, we had a thirteen-point shortage at the penultimate Kladno, which kept me awake. We are only losing five points now. We got together, our position is much better now. In the upcoming national team break, we have to make a big deal, and after that we will continue to fight for the improvement of our position.


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