News Zamalek: We are playing the top game in the...

Zamalek: We are playing the top game in the league in the second row


Zamalek coach Sami El-Shishiny confirmed his club’s position if the Egyptian Football Association insisted on holding the top match against Al-Ahly in the Egyptian League on the scheduled date next Monday.

Sami El Shishiny said during radio statements, saying: “If the summit match is held on time, we will think about taking it in the second row. With my respect for the league match, a big club will not separate me, but the African Champions League is more important. Something and tomorrow the team is on vacation, and if the summit match is held, we will enter a camp starting on Sunday. “

Al-Ahly officials are awaiting the final decision by the Football Association regarding the Zamalek match scheduled for next Monday in the Premier League, where strong news was spread about the fate of this summit, while the Football Association officials confirm that the match will take place on time and at the stadium of Cairo Stadium, Zamalek officials confirm that the match It will be postponed due to time constraints, which caused confusion and lack of clarity in the footballing field, and of course inside Al-Ahly, which was previously announced by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, that he is ready to play the match on time and does not want to postpone it, but everyone is still waiting for the final and official decision on this summit The anticipated that comes a few days of the summit yesterday in the super UAE after.

A source in the Egyptian Football Association confirmed that Zamalek club asked to delay his return to Cairo after completing the super game to tomorrow instead of today to take advantage of the list that will prevent him from playing Al-Ahly in the league only 48 hours after his arrival in Cairo.

The source pointed out that the Abu Medical Council had booked Al-Ahly and Zamalek to return tomorrow to Cairo, according to the agreement that was made before the Super Game, but Zamalek requested a delay of 24 hours.

Al-Zamalek Club had previously called for the postponement of the summit match with Al-Ahly Club, which brought the two teams together in the fourth and postponed round competitions of the General League competition, which was scheduled for February 24.



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