Zaklna Geralt has gained a kind of lack of self-confidence. But fans of the original do not know mon pbh Culture

Bl wolf Geralt (Henry Cavill) konen pivd Dt the fate of Ciri (Freya Allanov) to the dam of Kaer Morhen. The door is safe here. At least you all think so. Cintrna’s princess in her blood circulates an ancient mystery that tells her power, he didn’t even have a pont. A power that wouldn’t leave anyone cold. Is Ciri tou, he speaks ancient vtba elfsk wise Ithlin? The kind of Sri Zaklnae will warm up his cards right from the moment and forget about the non-fat first Sri Lanka from 2019.

The whole production works more confidently and coherently. The screenwriter in the show with showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich is not afraid to make any changes and suddenly deviate from the books of the original. In the first, according to the kind of country, one of the murderous characters, although in the books, death is not known at all. Rock fans will probably babble, though Shut up even steps can surprise even experts in the field.

How many changes did you make, so many times you’re a screenwriter

The change from the original is a huge amount. On the Reddit social network, a user with the nickname Ponzz summed it up in an extensive post. But the best part is that the changes make two sense. dn of them is not illogical and does not go with force against the original. The screenwriter was also invented by Voleth Meir, the main controversy of the Sri Lankan, he only appears in books and video games. Thanks to his presence, the last episode is called Family one of the best acn lures of the last month.

They also hide like killers. Although even in the first series there was a knock and long discovery, and now the creators have decided to do more and show what is different. Zaklnae lähde: jinch fantasy sg. The species has its own beasts with basilicas, bruxes, lilies, centipedes or Tebaernoboh.

The biggest critics’ arguments for the first series led to a bad stratification of events, when some episodes dragged on and got into a mess with political machinations. Although the two are not so reluctant, the dragged waist comes to life with ethnic fights with humans or monsters. Shut up dream not to be bored and he will make it happen.

Imprium Nilfgaard, known in books and video games as the Magpie of the Northern Kingdoms, has plenty of space in the series thanks to a glimpse between the wrath of the performers in the arena with archduke Fringilla Vigo (Mimi Ndiwenov) and General Cahir (Eamon Farren). Nilfgaard in a non-kingdom kingdom with an enigmatic time in the foreground and quite sympathetically human tv.

It is necessary to appreciate that after the criticism of the Brno Nilfgaard peaks from the first srie (it looked like a squeaky pyama), this time the fans will find sophisticated brnns not similar to the best of Thorn Games. Forever, the fans probably listen and respond to n.

Acting performances are impressive. Henry Cavill is more confident in the title role than two. We can only speculate if it’s dark, that for each episode the kind of srie got paid once as much as he got for the episodes of srie first. Freya Allanov matured as an actress among the sri. Kim Bodnia is a handsome Vesemir character to look good. Triss Ranuncul finally got this part (and red hair, which the fan didn’t like to displease at first) and her representative Anna Shafferov did a solid job.

Kind of Shut up he stuck together and smoothed out all the shortcomings. She was a real jerk. Netflix pulled out with a great fool who seemed to challenge Kolo asu and ready Pna ring from Amazon to a duel for the best high fantasy of all time.

Included in krl

Pi sledovn Zaklnae It is necessary to take into account that Netflix has adapted a number of characters to such an extent that they are far from their literary and video game images. With the inclusiveness of u is necessary today. It is impossible to give the impression that the example of a wheelchair has entered the inhospitable fantasy world just so that it can be removed from the tables.

The Elf Pbhov line is again a disguised allegory of contemporary racism and xenophobia. Elfov never had it easy in the world from Andrzej Sapkowski, but Netflix has wrapped it up in the eyes of critics of modern society riding the Black Lives Matter.

Zaklna, srie II

Akn / Dobrodrun / Drama / Fantasy
USA / Poland, 2021, 7 h 36 min (Minutes: 5263 min)

Companies: Lauren Schmidt
Reie: Sarah O’Gorman, Stephen Surjik, Edward Bazalgette, Louise Hooper
Pedloha: Andrzej Sapkowski (kniha)
Camera: Romain Lacourbas, Jean-Philippe Gossart
Music: Joseph Trapanese
Play: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Adjoa Andoh, Graham McTavish


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