Youtuber spends millions of dollars on fake Pokémon cards – 01/16/2022

Logan Paul had acquired the cards in December 2021

YouTuber Logan Paul confirmed that the letter box from Pokémon Trading Card Game, TCG, were false. The boy’s investment was US$ 3.5 million (about R$ 20 million). The discovery came with the opening of the boxes, which contained GI Joe’s collectible cards, Action Commands.

The influencer posted a video outraged at the situation, he had announced in December 2021 the purchase of the item. However, some fans and collectors were in doubt about the veracity of the cards, as the description was dubious and, moreover, the valuable cards were for sale on a regular website, rather than a specialized auction house.

With all this questioning, the youtuber went to Chicago to follow the authentication process carried out by the Baseball Card Exchange (BCE). Upon opening the boxes more GI Joe letters were found.

Even with the clear fraud, Logan has yet to say whether he will seek a refund from the seller. The boy who sold it to the youtuber had also bought it from someone else, for the amount of R$ 2.7 million.

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