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The City has developed a youth strategy for the period 2021-2026 in order to meet the expectations and needs expressed by young people from Lille and by professional players.

Young people under 25 represent a third of the population of Lille. Lille has 65,953 young people aged 11 to 24. In addition, 75,514 students, Lille or not, are pursuing higher education in establishments in Lille.

The City wanted to listen to these young people, by involving them in its reflection on the development of a youth strategy.

They were therefore consulted, in particular on the following questions:

  • access to information;
  • access to leisure, culture and sports;
  • their involvement in the implementation of municipal policy;
  • the impact of the health crisis

Following this consultation, the City drew up a framework document. This will lead municipal action through the implementation of measures or support for a certain number of actions, around 4 axes and 40 concrete measures:

AXIS 1: a citizen youth, united, committed to a sustainable city.

Some examples of measures:

  • diversify the missions of civic services to strengthen social and intergenerational ties, as well as actions in favor of the environment and ecological transition by developing “green missions”;
  • offer young people participatory projects of general interest during school and university vacations;
  • encourage the development of junior associations and Youth Service Cooperatives (CJS) …

AREA 2: A flourishing, curious, mobile youth

Some examples of measures:

  • on the model of what was done on “Voyage, voyages à Lille”, experiment with free practice slots in sports halls to encourage the practice of adolescents and young people;
  • promote free outdoor sports practice by carrying out several projects such as the creation of connected sports courses;
  • promote sports practice for all by broadening, from the 2022-2023 sports season, the licensing assistance system …

AXIS 3: young people who are building their future

Some examples of measures:

  • implement a mentoring and sponsorship development plan, through coordination with stakeholders, so that each young person who expresses the need can benefit from the support of a supporting adult;
  • support youth actors who support and prepare young people in their training and professional integration journey and help the visibility of the various forums;
  • promote access to coworking spaces for students, develop new places and update communication on this subject.

PRIORITY 4: youth who are better informed and connected to their city

Some examples of measures:

  • develop a digital application that centralizes information for young people;
  • work with the CRIJ to strengthen its position as a specialist in youth information and promote this resource center with young people and partners;
  • make accessible to all territorial diagnostic tools (maps, inventory of actions, quantitative data) …

> Consult the entire Youth Strategy 2021-2026:

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