News "Your effort will not be reflected"

“Your effort will not be reflected”


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The Ministry of Education valencia tries to frighten the children who ask for the exemption of valencian so that it does not like to study only in Spanish.

How? Through a letter that refers to families in which warns you that the “exempt” may not work in the public administrations “of the Valencian Community, Catalonia and the Balearic islands”. In turn, warns them that they will not compete “on equal terms” in the private company.

THE SPANISH have had access to letter issued by the department of Education to the families of the IES, The Encantá in San Fulgencio (Alicante), area Spanish-speaking in which the exemption is contemplated for all students. This reads: “If I am exemptI’m going to work the same way as my peers, but I won’t have the official note in the third evaluation, therefore, my effort will not be reflected“.

Those who choose to study only in Spanish must “make the same duties”, to read “the same reading” and buy “the same books”. However, they will not have “official note in the third assessment”, or “convalidarán the courses of THAT for the Cerificat Elemental of the Board Qualificadora”. All disadvantages and no advantage, according to the Generalitat.

Letter of the ministry of Education of valencia to the families of the IES, The Encantá in San Fulgencio (Alicante) who have requested the exemption of valencian.

H. E.

We Speak Spanish

To make matters worse, the document highlights that “students not exempt from the valencian get 43% more note in the Castilian Language that the student who has requested the exemption in valencian”. All a ploy to scare off those who freely decide to pursue their studies only in Spanish.

From We Speak Spanishassociation intended to defend the linguistic rights of Spanish-speaking people, have denounced the document that they have received the families of the institute of alicante is “manipulative” and coercive”. “Again check how methods are used reprehensible to carry out the so-called linguistic normalization”, they comment.

But that does not stop the coercion. Before receiving the letter, the families are required to complete a waiver request through the web page of the Generalitat valenciana. The form warns: “The exemption of valencian you can postpone or prevent the attainment of the objectives of a multilingual education full and the achievement of the curricular goals of all languages and you can put in disadvantage the students to face the demands and challenges of our society in the immediate future“.

Statement of liability within the application of the exemption of valencian.

Statement of liability within the application of the exemption of valencian.

E. E.

The affected families claim that there is a “chain of bureaucratic barriers”, with the letter as the last link, to avoid that the students decide to study only in Spanish.

“One more of Marzà”

Families-who say they are “outraged”- referring to the controversial document as “one more of Marzà”, and ensure that you are not surprised, knowing the modus operandi the director of Education of the Valencian Community.

Vicent Marzà was the promoter of a controversial -and overturned by the courts- decree of multilingualism who won the immersion in valencian. In fact, in Catalan, as Marzà, sector radical nationalist, defender of the procés in Catalonia, calls for clear differences between both languages.

The trick is to force the students to choose the line from valencia to the Spanish was that it only allowed to the first to obtain official titles of English, which left it in an obvious disadvantage to those who chose Spanish as the language base.

The legislation was repealed by the high Court of Justice of the Valencian Community considering that infringed the right to equality, by discriminating against the teaching of Spanish.

The TSJCV warned that it could not apply measures “exclusive or disproportionate” which involve imbalance among the official languages and the right of choice of parents could not be usurped by the administration or school boards.

This same month of June, Marzà was harshly criticized by teachers, students and trade unions after announcing severe shortages in the Official School of Languages, which involved the closure of around 200 groups in different locations and the loss of their jobs for half a hundred of teachers. The students most affected by these cuts would be those who opted for the English.

Marzà has always counted with the support of the sector more nationalist Compromís. A social activist since her teens, is also a member of the Escola Valenciana and the trade union STEPV, entities closely linked to Catalan nationalism.



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