Technology you may not get the best news

you may not get the best news


Some of the new features in Android 11 would not be required on third-party smartphones. Some manufacturers could therefore overlook these new developments, however expected.

Logo d'Android 11

Presented for the first time last February, the update of Android 11 is available in beta since June. This version should be available for some from this fall, with a gradual deployment over the months on compatible smartphones. However, some smartphones from third-party manufacturers may not take full advantage of them.

Less stringent entry requirements

The Android system as we know it is a superposition of several layers. On the one hand the open source part, which can be used and modified by anyone, as Amazon for example do on Fire HD tablets and now Huawei on its new smartphones, and on the other hand Google Mobile Services, a set of services and functionalities made compulsory by Google in order to be able to integrate in particular le Google Play Store and some of its applications.

However, according to a document obtained by XDA, three new features in Android 11 would not be mandatory to have to integrate this set:

  • The Device Controls panel;
  • Conversation notifications;
  • Storage of official documents.

Three optional features

These three functions that are currently found on the beta of Android 11 may therefore not be implemented on third-party brand phones.

The first is certainly the most interesting since it offers quick access to all of your home automation. By holding down the button power, you access this screen allowing you to control your connected lights, security cameras, smart TV and other devices with a single click.

Power Menu d'Android 11

Power Menu d’Android 11 // Source : Google

The second, more divisive, groups notifications differently. Instead of displaying them in no real order of importance, notifications linked to conversations are now grouped and it is possible to assign higher priorities to some of them.

Finally, the third is more American-centered since it is a new API for storing in a secure part of your smartphone official documents such as driving licenses. However, not all countries necessarily allow the use of this type of function, which still requires a physical document.

The choice for builders

The integration of these three features within the update of Android 11 will therefore be at the whim of each brand. If we easily imagine that some like OnePlus or Sony, which tend to be very close to the Google interface, will certainly integrate them, others, like Xiaomi which has a very rich ecosystem, could take the opportunity to push their own house solution, especially with regard to home automation.

Of course, nothing is set in stone at the moment and it could be that Google will end up making these three new items mandatory. We will have to wait until the manufacturers start to reveal their deployment planning to learn a little more about this.


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