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Revealed the Apple, the US technology giant, has unveiled an operating system of its new “iOS 14” (iOS 14), during its annual conference for developers held Monday, via the internet, which has seen the launch of 13 technology and innovative new.

Saw the new system the biggest changes to the operating system of phones, “Apple” basic “any OS”, among them the biggest change on home screen since years.

Said Craig Free, Senior Vice President of software engineering at Apple, during the event, the new version of the system “iOS 14” includes a new home screen full of the system.

Reputation of the company through the new system to add widgets to your home screen to be combined with user applications in the appearing together for the first time, where you can add tools and customize them easily.

The Apple tool (Smart Stack) new, which will automatically display related applications in a manner more understanding of the needs of the user.

Announced that Apple is also about a way to view library applications new applications automatically in groups and new listings, thanks to this way, users can hide apps on your home screen, come with a trade community of smart, like pulling all the games (Apple Arcade) automatically in a batch.

New feature

In another new feature, the company added a feature (picture in picture) at the system level to the videos, just as is the case in (macOS), which can pass video over the applications, and modify its size, and pull them on the side of the screen to continue playing in the background.

The company added new improvements to her assistant voice (Siri), and will change with the new animated biggest shows at the arraignment, you will now supports sending voice messages.

The Apple to help her voice in support of improved education, as part of the application of the new translation, and will help in the promotions that will work even in offline mode completely.

They revealed a giant American technology on Monday, that (Siri) is now serving 25 million applications per month.

Apple Messages

The company explained that “iOS 14” the application supports (Apple Messages) with a new structure, most notably the messages of the collective, with the support of the responses included options notification the better, as the user can install the most important conversations, in addition to options (Memoji ) new.

And the (App Library) to compile the apps in the folders private, instead of leaving dozens of apps on the screen and difficult to navigate between them, and it was possible to delete the Pages app and thus convert many new apps in folders in one page, these areas will bring applications of the like-minded together in one place to make access to them easier, in the same way on the Android operating system.

The (App Library) to talk more in the form of a home screen and shortcuts to applications or widget, and instead of solely put the widget on the left of the screen in the iPhone, there will be the possibility to change where it put it between applications.

Among the advantages of the new system “iOS 14” there was a feature to present to the developers and help them encourage users to download their app name (App Clips), and allows water users to experience a definite advantage of the apps without downloading the app fully on their devices.

As the new system will provide a new feature to monitor the washing of the hands where the clock on being user says washing his hands through the movement of the hands pick up the sound of the water, and thus alert in the event that the city wasn’t enough for a full wash a hand well.


Within the events of the conference, Apple announced a new update for the (AirPods ) the current through the operating system, the first of these updates is the ability of the heavens now disconnect phone and contact another faster and smoother.

For example, if you are watching content on the iPad and shut down their iPads and moved the iPhone headset will work automatically without the need to Re-Link every time.

In addition, the allowed range of AirPods Pro you get the advantage of surround sound Surround Sound is a wonderful feature to watch movies or to play fighting games that rely on to locate the enemy, and the new will be used the accelerometer sensor will also support surround sound of type a 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos.

Was Tim Cook has opened a conference of the Apple Worldwide Developers 2020 declaration of the company’s cooperation with George Floyd, a victim of corporate America, a reminder that America was built on freedom and Justice.

The conference of Apple developers around the world one of the largest events of the company for the year, attracting application developers from all over the world, the conference runs for 5 days and feel I know many of the products, particularly new versions of operating systems, upgrades and new hardware.

The company this event is “by default” for the first time in its history, the 31-year-old because of a pandemic of MERS-CoV.



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