Business You know Fugaku, the supercomputer world's fastest

You know Fugaku, the supercomputer world’s fastest


Some days ago, developed in the German city of Frankfurt the list of lto the 55th edition of the TOP500 list , a ranking that delivers the power and speed of the best supercomputers in the world.

In the story the prevalence was almost always China and the united States, but this time Japan after nine years and the computer K Riken, took the scepter with Fugaku.

The supercomputer Fugaku, jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu Limited based on the ARM technology, achieved such a first post on the basis of their performance capabilities for tasks typically used in applications of artificial intelligence, and Graph 500, which classifies the systems based on load-intensive data.

Top500 pointed out to the winner who won because, “yielded a result Linpack high performance (HPL) 415.5 petaflop barrier, surpassing the now second system Summit by a factor of 2.8 x. Fugaku, is powered by the SoC A64FX of 48 cores of Fujitsu, becoming the first number one on the list to be powered by ARM processors. In single-precision or reduced, which often are used in the machine learning and the applications of artificial intelligence, the maximum throughput of Fugaku is more than 1,000 petaflop barrier (1 exaflops)“.

Fugaku, that is currently installed in the Center, RIKEN Computational Science (R-CCS) in Kobe, is being developed under a national plan to design the supercomputer badge next generation of Japan and carry out a wide range of applications that address priority social and scientific. It will be used in areas such as drug discovery; personalized medicine and preventive; simulations of natural disasters; weather and climate; creation, storage and use of energy; clean energy development; development of new materials; new processes of design and production; and, as an effort purely scientific, elucidation of the fundamental laws and the evolution of the universe.

In addition, Fugaku is currently being used experimentally for research on COVID-19, including diagnostics, therapeutics, and simulations of the spread of the virus. The new supercomputer is scheduled to begin to function fully in the fiscal year 2021 (which begins in April 2021).

According to Naoki Shinjo, Executive Director of Corporate of Fujitsu Limited, “I think that our decision to use a process of co-design for Fugaku, which involved working with RIKEN and other parts to create the system, it was key to get the first post in a series of classifications. I am particularly proud to have been able to do this only a month after we finished the delivery of the system, even during the crisis of COVID-19. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to RIKEN and to all other parties for their generous cooperation and support. I sincerely hope that Fugaku was shown to be highly effective in real-world applications and help make the Society 5.0″.

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