Xiaomi Will Launch New Battery Technology, Check Out the Explanation and Advantages

INFOSEMARANGRAYA.COMXiaomi re-develop technology new, this time the big Chinese smartphone company will release technology battery new.

In a Weibo post, Xiaomi reveal the question technology battery new which the R&D team is working on, and will be available next year.

Xiaomi the plan will increase the silicon content inside battery about 3 times and results in more efficient capacity storage.

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Technology battery this latest is able to increase capacity battery greater than 10%, and to date is still under monitoring as to what battery it can work.

Judging from the size will remain the same, it’s just the capacity battery it will be 10% bigger, so later technology battery it has a greater power capacity in a single charge battery.

Then in terms of packaging the battery has not changed, which only increases the efficiency of space.

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Then PCM or protection circuit module battery has been tilted 90 degrees and is no longer flat, this saves space in the end.


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