Xbox boss welcomes competition for Game Pass from PlayStation

Players comment on Sony from copying in the comments. But the head of the Microsoft gaming division sees it differently and welcomes the competition for the Xbox Game Pass from PlayStation. The service has not yet been announced, but the Internet has been carrying unofficial reports for a long time that Sony plans to merge PS Plus and PS Nowto create three new subscription levels and to face the increasingly enticing Game Pass.

According to Spencer, it is inevitable that Sony will come up with its own Xbox Game Pass-style service. At the same time, it will be a confirmation that Microsoft was right when he bet his cards on the service. But the question is how Japanese society will react to the subscription.

Spencer expects Sony to add its games to the new subscription on the day of releasejust like his company does. However, speculation rather speaks of a more cautious approach, when the subscription will not contain complete novelties, which are financially and time-consuming to develop.

The boss of the Xbox is not afraid of competition. According to him, they have all intertwined. Thanks to backward compatibility, they have been able to create a library of approximately 600 titles from the era of the first Xbox and Xbox 360, which you can play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In addition, they added a Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PCs games, including complete news, and interesting projects from partners around the world. Microsoft intends to continue to do so and to continue its efforts to ensure that players can play games on as many platforms as possible. Spencer strives to make great games everyone can play and go out on the same day to computers, consoles and the cloud.

Yet at Sony, they are gradually discovering the magic of computers. Po Horizon Zero Dawn a Days Gone was released on PC last week God of War and is a hit with Steam.

As we’ve already told you, Sony is expected to combine the benefits of PS Plus and PS Now into the new version of PlayStation Plus. It should arise three-level subscription. The first level of membership is said to bring all the standard benefits of PS Plus (playing online, free games every month, cloud storage and exclusive discounts), the second will include an extensive library of games for PS4 and PS5 (Xbox Game Pass style) and the last level It has all the added demo versions, the ability to play in the cloud via streaming and a set of classic titles from PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP.


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