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WWDC 2020 : the conference Apple live and what to expect


Article updated on June 22, 2020 at 19h05 with the addition of the stream live video of the conference and new rumors about a MacBook Pro and an iMac with a bullet ARM.

On Monday, 22 June at 19h, Apple will hold its opening conference for the
Worldwide Developers Conference 2020. In the Face of the pandemic coronavirus, Apple has chosen not to hold its WWDC in face-to-face but through conferences and online workshops.

WWDC 2020, ask for the program

As usual with this conference for developers, it should be a lot of software including

iOS 14

and iPad, as well as new versions of WatchOS and macOS
equip the Apple Watch, MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro. TVOS for the Apple TV
could also be updated. Some rumors suggests a 24-inch iMac and a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a bullet ARM will be unveiled this evening. A new Apple TV is not to be excluded with a processor faster, a Apple A12X for example. Recall that theApple TV 4K is output in 2017. It is also hoped to (re)discover the AirPower that could finally be marketed for three years after its announcement. The blogger Jon Prosser has revived the rumors about this charging station wireless by posting on Twitter the pictures of a device presented as a functional prototype.

Apple is also expected to make a major announcement regarding the transition
Intel cpu new

chips house
similar to those he designed for the iPhone. A strategic shift that could allow Apple to draw
laptops thinner, with a better battery and a
cooling potentially quieter. This transition
should probably take a year or more, and new computers
with the chips “Apple Inside” will probably not arrive anytime soon.

When and how to watch WWDC 2020 ?

The keynote inaugural led by Tim Cook will take place on 22 June from
19 hours (French time). The event will be broadcast live via
the page Apple Events but also on the YouTube channel of the Apple. The owners of a set-top box Apple TV will also be able to follow live via
the application Apple Events.

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