Wow, the Number of HIV/AIDS Patients in Surabaya is the Highest in East Java East Java – The chairman of the PSI faction of the Surabaya City DPRD, Tjutjuk Supariono, asked the local health office (Dinkes) to immediately take a policy to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS infections.

Data from the East Java Health Office states that in 2021 the number of HIV/AIDS patients in Surabaya will be the highest with 323 patients.

“Don’t forget that we have a target of Three Zero 2030. This means that there will be no new HIV infections, no AIDS deaths, and no discrimination in 2030,” he wrote, Monday (17/1).

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He asked the city government to increase socialization and education, including for school children.

“I understand that handling Covid-19 is a top priority, but that doesn’t mean we can rule out other problems. Moreover, the case of HIV/AIDS in Surabaya is the highest in East Java,” he explained.

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The politician who sits on commission D of the Surabaya City DPRD also revealed quite surprising data.

The report from the Directorate General of Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health revealed that in 2020 as many as 50,626 cases of HIV/AIDS were detected.

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This figure is potentially higher, because the estimated number of cases is 640,000.

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