World World-renowned vehicles from 'Into the Wild' taken from the...

World-renowned vehicles from ‘Into the Wild’ taken from the wilds of Alaska


For many years, tried to be adventurous to be a world-famous bus ride in the American west, but that time has come to an end. The authorities in Alaska, the bus made famous by the movie ‘Into the Wild’ taken to ensure that the people in their quest to be injured as a result of or in order to in the life to come.

The bus ride was about sixty years ago, it left behind along the path, and it served for a time as a shelter for hunters. In 1996, it was the vehicle made famous by the book of ‘Into the Wild’ and later in the same film is made in 2007.

The true story of Christopher McCandless. He took off in 1992 with the poor facilities and the rugged beauty of Denali National Park within, there was more than one hundred days, on the bus, and hungry. His body was in the vehicle was found.


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