Work begins to renaturalize four empty plots in Perales del Río

GETAFE/Environment (05/12/2022) – The renaturation of four large plots, in Perales del Ríos with the aim of improve the landscape of Grazzia Deledda avenue. The City Council intends convert these empty spaces into green spaces for neighborhood useimproving the environmental quality of the area and responding to neighborhood requests through Participatory Budgets.

As the Councilor for Maintenance, Maite Mellado, explains, “we continue to improve this neighbourhood, providing it with new green spaces, where residents can better enjoy the public space and coexistence”.

will be carried out installation of an automated irrigation network, taking into account water and energy savings, with greater efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Lawn meadows will be formed, after tilling and raking the land, adding topsoil and covering with mulch to fertilize the garden. Shade trees and ornamental shrubs will be planted.

Renaturalization of the Manzanares

The public company for Cleaning and Environment, LYMA, will begin in the next few days the renaturalization of the Manzanares riverbed as it passes through Getafe. The works, projected in various performances, represent the kick-off for Getafe Río to become a reality.

The renaturation process will begin through cleaning and waste collection. In addition, the collector manholes will be cleaned. Subsequently, the species considered alien will be eliminated, to favor the growth of the native vegetation of the area, based on what is included in the Spanish Catalog of Invasive Alien Species. Once the work has begun, LYMA will carry out a fun family activity to raise awareness in the environment. Plantings will begin in October, also with a family day, for more than 24,000 trees and shrubs.

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