Sport Witness the first appearance of Ahmed Fathi and his...

Witness the first appearance of Ahmed Fathi and his wife after her recovery from the corona


Back Ahmed Fathi, the star of the Ahly ball designed houses in the new season being, with his wife Nora Ismail after suffering from the MERS-CoV, confirmed the second swab that was conducted by the family of Ahmed Fathy their full cooperation after being diagnosed recently with a novel coronavirus, and discussed the symptoms of corona virus from the family of Ahmed Fathi and healthy, only to make the swab a prerequisite before they get out of isolation and spend their lives normally, in the time that it had proved the second swab treat them also, while the second swab to confirm their cooperation fully.

Freedom “midway Katz” a friend of Ahmed Fathi for his visit at home to check on his safety and the safety of the family, as the first image of the player pyramids new wife after suffering from the MERS-CoV.

And becomes Ahmed Fathi same in Korea, where the investigations proved ex-lap he made not to his injury, and that the infection moved to his family only, commented Ahmed Fathi on the injury of his wife and daughters with ncov, where he wrote The Joker on Instagram earlier: “thank you all for praying Allah, it is answered and every patient we see in my parents and my wife and my family over and all the people any bad“.

Conducted and officials of the National intensive contacts with Ahmed Fathi, where the shaking is more of an administrator at the club, Ahmed Fathi and his family, and Mr. Abdul Hafeez Center ball base with Fathi continuously for the last few hours to check on you, and make sure to Abdul Hafeez of negative “sample” Ahmed Fathi not surveyed during the last hours, to make sure not to injure the star of the team with the virus, and wished the officers of the Red Fort to the family of the player a speedy recovery.



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