Technology With the Radeon 5600M, Apple offers the Macbook Pro...

With the Radeon 5600M, Apple offers the Macbook Pro 16 a option GPU more powerful with the HBM2



You want to buy a MacBook Pro 16 Apple and have up to 4 000 € to spend ? This is great, Apple just add an option with some more powerful graphics for their PC laptop 16-inch released in late 2019.

2 699 € as starting price, theApple MacBook Pro 16 out at the end of 2019 proposed a format original and an endurance off-standard, but it was already not a machine particularly affordable.

A screen with a very well calibrated right out of the box, a battery life of 15 hours and a new keyboard that eliminates the problems of reliability found on the keyboards “Butterfly”, Apple offers a machine designed for professionals.

The only MacBook that comes with a dedicated GPU with the Radeon 5300/5500M of AMD, the machine also hosts today a party more powerful graphics. For 1 000 € more during the configuration of a MacBook Pro 16, it is now possible to opt for the Radeon Pro 5600M, a chip a little bit special.

Macbook Pro 16 with optional memory HBM2

A top option and a price that goes with it !

Equipped with memory chips HBM2, this allows him to offer two key benefits : a significant jump in the level of bandwidth provided, but also an energy efficiency greatly improved, compared to the memory GDDR6 usually used.

For users of software for 3D rendering, such as Blender or Cinema4D, it should be a serious asset, these software are often limited by the bandwidth they have at the level of the graphics chip.

A view of the chip Radeon 5600M

The new chip will be AMD exclusive to the MacBook Pro, 16, the Radeon 5600M

With 2 560 units of computation, and a frequency memory high 1 540 MHz, it is similar to a Radeon RX 5700 XT office. This makes it so a card is pretty powerful !

During our test of the Radeon 5700 XTwe had already noted the good energy efficiency of the card. It would seem that AMD has further improved its copy on this point since this Radeon 5600M consumes only 50 W, the same consumption as for the 5300M and 5500M.

With this option, Apple offers in its portable with a memory type previously only available on their machine fixed the top of the range, the Mac Pro.

A few years ago, the Dell XPS 15 convertible had adopted a similar solution, but on a single chip combining an Intel processor and a graphics part of AMD. A kind of unicorn which has not been followed since in the MacBook Pro, we found a CPU and a GPU separated.


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