With Lyon 9, Food’Lab has 60 brands in its portfolio and is preparing a fundraiser

After Villeurbanne, Lyon 3 and Grenoble, Raphaël Roques, Matthieu Le Maître and Bastien Coinon have just launched their new shared kitchen in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon. A 1,200 m² space where 30 new brands will take up position by next April in 17 dark kitchens. The trio is preparing 3 new openings for 2022 in Rennes, Nancy and Annecy and a fundraiser.

Let’s go for the brands Kinoko, Dimshome, Opadthai, Popotte who have taken a stand in the new Food’Lab shared kitchen recently opened at 76, rue des Bourbonnais in Lyon 9e for delivery and take-out. End of January 75% of brands scheduled will be installed and 100% by next April in the 17 dark kitchens which occupy the 1,200 m² of this brand new laboratory. They will serve an area of ​​210,000 inhabitants in the districts of Lyon 9, Lyon 5, Lyon 4, Tassin La Demi-Lune, Ecully and Champagne au Mont d’Or. “ All brands benefit from an average kitchen area of ​​30 m², except 4 which will occupy premium spaces of 40 to 60 m² such as Five Guys, Tacos Word, Tacos de Lyon and Popote by Pierre“, explains Raphaël Roques who, alongside his two partners, now totals nearly 36 kitchens on his 4 Food’Lab sites in Villeurbanne, Lyon 3, Grenoble and Lyon 9. This latest kitchen in which the trio has invested nearly ‘ 1 M€, stands out from the first 3 with a large interior courtyard of 350 m² which allows all flows to be internalized and external nuisances to be reduced. Among the new features, the site will also have, by 1 is next March, from the brand new marketplace Food’Lab Shop by Dood

which will be set up by the Lyon startup Dood and which will then equip each kitchen where consumers will be able, in particular, to order on terminals (or remotely) and collect their order in click & collect.

Nancy in food court format in June, Annecy in September While the 3 partners show themselves to be very confident with average orders of €25, requests for brands that exceed reception capacities and the Lyon 3 site, which already achieves more than €2.5 million in business volume at through the 20 brands installed (out of 12 kitchens), the 3 other projects are already coming up, and the 22 additional kitchens planned for 2022. Rennes is expected in February, with 2 premium multi-brand kitchens of 40 m² while Nancy with its 600 m², scheduled for next June, will host 10 kitchens and a restaurant area for on-site dining with 80 seats. “C It will be a kind of food-court where customers can order online or on terminals, collect their order at each stall and consume on site

“, adds Raphaël Roques. Finally, the Annecy shared kitchen will open in September 2022 with, there too, 10 kitchens which will occupy 500 m². Enough to mobilize the founders of Food’Lab who also rely on their new digital tools, the click & collect/market place app Dood, but also the loyalty and data management app DVore, to strengthen the services offered to their partners through in-depth business and data analysis support. They are also preparing, in parallel, a fundraiser of several million euros.

brands that will be installed by April 2022: Tacos World, Shifumii, Joys, Bobun Boulevard, Fritealors, Dimshome, Le Tacos de Lyon, Sushi Wan, Fuzi, Noki, Popote by Pierre (with Mama Pizza and Road 66), NBK ( with French Finger Food, NBK and The Bowl), Party Kitchens (with Fry Chickin, Smashy, Little Vegan Boy and Harvest), Burger World, Five Guys, Yabio (with Yabio and Ko Fry), O Pad Thaï and Kinoko (with Kinoko , Kinobowl, Krispy Koï and Gua Bao Shop.

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