Wife Making Love in Living Room CCTV Recorded, Husband Shocked Watching from HP Knows His Infidelity Man

SURYAMALANG.COM, MALANG – A husband is shocked when he sees his wife making love with another man in the living room of his house.

More heartbreaking, husband know who mistress wifeshe even dared to sleep together in their house all this time.

The unfortunate husband was named Peng Jichang came from Wuhan, Hubei, China and have been married for 5 years.

Launching from Eva.vn Saturday (17/12/2021), Peng Jichang catch wifeShe brings a stranger into the house in her absence.

However, during marriage, Peng Jichang willing to work hard to meet the needs wife and their children later.

Since newly married, Peng Jichang willing to go from Wuhan to the United States to make money.

Before leaving, Peng Jichang also gave a house, car, and money of 160 thousand yuan or Rp. 361 million.

Peng Jichang also put CCTV camera in the living room of their house out of concern for safety wife.

But the tub of milk is rewarded by tubal water, Peng Jichang instead accept the bitter fact that he was cheated on.

One time, Peng Jichang suddenly curious to see the recording CCTV in his home.

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