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REASON Shin Tae-yong angry and angry even though the Indonesian national team won 4-1 over Timor Leste will be discussed in this article. Despite winning convincingly, there were many shortcomings from the Indonesian national team in the match that Shin Tae-yong tried to fix.

The Indonesian national team did dominate the match since the beginning of the match. However, Irfan Jaya and his friends were not effective in taking advantage of opportunities.

A golden opportunity for the Indonesian national team was presented in the 27th minute. At that time, Ricky Kambuaya released a cross that headed right in front of the empty Timor Leste goal.

At that time, the Timor Leste goalkeeper was dead and the Indonesian national team striker, Dedik Setiawan, just pushed the ball into an empty net. However, the Arema FC striker was not fast enough to reach the ball.

After being less effective in front of goal, many wrong passes were made. Elementary mistakes were also made by a number of Indonesian national team players. One of them was made by Edo Febriansyah, which resulted in Timor Leste getting a penalty kick at the end of the first half.

Luckily, Mouzinho’s shot was secured by the Indonesian national team goalkeeper, Syahrul Fadil. Even so, the Indonesian national team closed the first half by falling behind 0-1, after Paulo Gali broke into Syahrul Fadil’s goal in the 35th minute.

Behind 0-1 in the first half made Shin Tae-yong angry. He was angry with all the Indonesian national team players during the break, as well as entering three names at once, namely Ronaldo Kwateh, Hanis Saghara and Pratama Arhan at the beginning of the second half.

Indonesian National Team vs Timor Leste

“I can’t judge the performance of just one player. Whoever played in the first or second rounds must all be evaluated,” Shin Tae-yong said at his post-match press conference.

“After the first half, I reprimanded hard and angry to the players. But in my opinion, as a coach, you can’t judge just one player, ”said Shin Tae-yong.

In the end, the Indonesian national team won 4-1 over Timor Leste. The Garuda Squad’s winning goals were scored by Ricky Kambuaya (66′), Pratama Arhan (73′) via the white point, and two East Timorese own goals in 77 and 79 minutes. Despite winning, Shin Tae-yong was not satisfied.

“Indeed, in terms of the score, we won 4-1, but today’s match was very disappointing,” said Shin Tae-yong.

Furthermore, the Indonesian national team again faced Timor Leste. The match will be held again at the I Wayan Dipta Stadium in Gianyar on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 19.00 WIB.

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