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Why can humans not live on the moon and Mars?



The head of the Radiation Safety Department on manned space flight at the Institute of Biomedical Problems announced that humans cannot live on the Moon and Mars because of the high radiation and radiation from the galaxy.

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When will humans colonize Mars?

“From the point of view of radiation, with the exception of Earth, there are no living places in the solar system. The Earth has an atmosphere and a magnetic field that protects it from solar flares and galactic radiation,” Vyacheslav Shorshakov told Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

According to him, the radiation dose on the moon is 400 times greater than the dose that reaches the Earth, but it is on Mars 1.5 times less than on the moon, but on the moon and Mars there are galactic cosmic radiation, which negatively affects human health.

As for the discovery of planets outside the solar system, it must first of all make sure that they have a magnetic field. Because “the magnetosphere creates a protective shield, and when not present, the stars close to the outer planet will gradually attract its atmosphere, and this has severe consequences for all living things.”

Source: Novosti


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