Why a helicopter will fly over Paris this Saturday, May 13

It has almost become a classic of Parisian life. A Super Puma type helicopter obtained authorization to fly over the capital on Saturday, warns the Paris police headquarters on Wednesday. This must deliver, before noon, “air conditioning elements” on the roof of a building of the National Library of France (BNF), in the 13th arrondissement.

The helicopter will probably not go unnoticed in the capital with its cargo. The police prefecture specifies that it will fly over the François-Mauriac wharf at a height of 1,500 feet, or 450 m.

Consequently, traffic and access to the public will be prohibited on Avenue Raymond Aron in its entirety and on Avenue de France, between Avenue Raymond Aron and Avenue Alphonse Boudard, for the duration of the operation, specifies the prefecture in a press release.

It is not uncommon for helicopters to fly over Paris for such operations. Each time, this must be authorized, since overflights of the capital below 2,000 m have been prohibited since 1948. At the beginning of April, a helicopter had already obtained authorization to carry out a delivery of air conditioning elements, already on the roof of the BNF. Last June, it was the Pullman hotel, in the 16th arrondissement, which organized a similar delivery. It is simpler, faster and less expensive for these large buildings to do so.

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